Supermac’s has established a reputation for providing a wide-ranging outdoor catering menu reflecting the variety and quality Supermac’s is famous for. Our core brands include 69 Papa John’s and 22 SuperSubs outlets as well Mac’s Diners and our Bewley’s Baristas.

The company’s success is built on a unique menu, ideally suited to local tastes, using real food and food ingredients sourced locally wherever possible and enhanced by quality in every aspect of the operation. We are the only quick service restaurant to use fresh never frozen 100% Irish beef and chicken in our premium burgers and sandwiches.

N17 Plaza

Our Papa John’s Pizza range is renowned for its quality ingredients which makes it Irelands best tasting pizza. We take great pride in the quality of our food. We offer freshly made pizza’s by using thrown dough handmade in Galway and fresh ingredients with a range of drinks. All foods are prepared employing the highest quality food principles. All meat products are 100% traceable and are Irish farm assured.

Our SuperSubs sandwhich brand introduces a fresh way to eat with a range of subs, wraps, soups and salads, all made with only the finest of ingredients and artisan breads. The fresh soup is made daily and all meats, cheese and vegetables are freshly prepared daily with each sub, wrap and salad on the menu carefully considered to provide a healthy and satisfying option for mealtime.

We have continuously developed our online ordering platform and have a strong digital presence. Technology is now a huge part of life. People are getting busier and want the convenience of being able to order from their PC or on their phone and have the food delivered to their doors. The fact that they can have the full Supermac’s and Papa John’s menu at their fingertips and have their order completed in just a few clicks is the main reason for the increase in this side of the business for us.

The growth of the brand portfolio which includes our Moo Parlour ice cream and Bewleys Coffee provides real and sustainable career opportunities for anyone looking to make a path for themselves in the fast food sector.